Proven Results.
Proven Results.

Insurance Coverage

With decades of experience among our lawyers, our office can provide both insurers and insureds with all of their needs in navigating insurance coverage.  Our office is familiar with all types of insurance contracts, and has assisted many individuals and insurance companies successfully achieve their desired results.  


The following are just a few of the many types of insurance disputes that our firm has hadled:

  • Disputes between insurers and insureds over whether insurance coverage is available for an insured's claim.  
    • We have successfully defended insurers against claims of bad faith.
    • We have also assisted insured's in obtaining coverage under their policy after the insurance company declined coverage.
  • We routinely combat insurance fraud, while minimizing cost where possible.
  • Our office is adept at reviewing coverage issues and providing a legal opinion as to whether coverage should be provided to the insured.
  • Our office has represented insurance companies before the State Insurance Departments in response to Insurance Department Complaints.
  • Disputes between two insurers to determine which insurer owes coverage for a claim.
  • Seeking payment in subrogation for damages paid by insurers for injuries caused by a third party.
  • Representation of insurance brokers in errors and omissions claims.


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